Malaysia Pork not approved by Singapore


It’s kinda weird, how come other countries pork can be exported to Singapore but not pork from Malaysia? What’s wrong with our pork? i wonder.

Here’s the list of countries approved to export raw and processed meat products to Singapore (as at 25th Jan, 2010)

meat approve to singapore

Could it be these problems?

Pork in Taiping Found to Contain Beta-Agonist

Evidence of Beta-Agonist Usage on Malaysian Farms

What is Beta Agonists

Beta-agonists are used to force the animals to mature faster and increase the lean meat content, but have been said to cause palpitation, headaches and even death among consumers, especially heart patients.

In Malaysia, 5 pig farms have been banned following evidence that they had used beta-agonists.

Two of the farms are in Selangor, while the others are in Perak, Kedah and Penang.

If your bak kua taste weird, perhaps you know why….

I heard my friend said some of these pigs are dead pigs delivered in bulk to shops selling bak kua, pigs turned black or purple color from illness or disease will be dyed so that it will look fresh. Don’t know it’s true or not but she sounded confidence because it seems that her friends relatives are involved in the transportations of these pigs to shops.

If you have eaten or plan to eat these meat. You better think twice before buying.

Happy CNY!

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