How to embed video from NTV7 to website

Learn how to embed NTV7 catch up tv to your website. Tools you need is Firebug from mozilla.
If only NTV7 come up with an embed code for their catch up tv, then it will be easier for us…
Anyway, since they don’t have one, we need to use this method…
If you don’t know how to use, google about it.

The Original code from ntv7 doesn’t have to
those path which looks like this
/ (looks like the code is hanging halfway)
therefore, you have to add to the code

Still don’t understand … okay let me give you some examples…

original code

then, i add to the code ….

You need to change all these codes in order to embed the video to you website….
For some videos that require you to login in order to view,
you will notice this code

you just need to change from ‘2’ to ‘3’ (changing from 2 to 3, means you don’t have to register login
in order to view the video)
How to get code from ntv7 video?
Download firebug, it’s a add-on to mozilla firefox.
And i presume that you know how to use firebug.
Successfully embed to my website;

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