How to cure diabetes

Diabetes is a disorder of high level of sugar in the blood and when the body is unable to produce or use insulin to process the glucose (sugar) in the blood. It’s a life long disease where you have to take medication for the rest of your life. And we knew medication is bad for your liver.
Until i recommended this natural home remedy for my relative. She’s amazed and continue with this remedy. Her blood level drop within 3 days (i don’t know if its the same for other people) and its’ now normal reading according to her family doctor.
Now i am sharing this home remedy for anyone who has diabetes for years and looking for a natural remedy that really works. You don’t need to purchase any tablets from pharmacy, or MLM. As these spices are really cheap and easy to find. Here’s the solutions….
1/4 of teaspoon of fenugreek (or halba in Malay)(must be in powder form)

A pinch of cinnamon (must be in powder form)
1 cup of luke warm water
(Mix together and drink it in the morning)
Leave an hour gap if you’re on doctor’s prescription. (Never take these together with doc’s prescription!)
Continue with this remedy for 2 days and monitor and see if it drop.
Discontinue if your blood level drop too low!
You can always continue drinking for 3 days, monitor again and stop  for 2 days to let your body rest.
Always consult your doctor whether you can practice this home remedy or not.
Do not overdose as it’s very dangerous.

Use this home remedy only if you have the blood glucose monitor machine at your home!
Within 3 days you level will drop dramatically. That is why you need to closely monitor your blood level.
(Eventhough this remedy helps you to reduce your diabetic –  exercise, eating right is also very important)
Less oil, Less fat, Less fried, Less sugar, Less preservative, Less colourings
Take Brown rice instead of white rice (white rice release more sugar into your blood instantly which is bad for you)
Take wheat/sprouted bread rather than white bread.
Drink more water as it cleans your blood.
Choose your food wisely!

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