How to cure cough and sore throat and bronchitis


In my previous article on how to cure diabetes now i want to share on how to cure cough and sore throat. I have personally tried and it works! I can tell you that cough drops won’t work and it will make you even sick, as it’s only suppress but they won’t heal you.

A pinch of turmeric powder (or kunyit in Malay)

1 teaspoon of honey (you can even add honey into milk)

1 luke warm water

(Mix all and drink in the morning)

Drink for 2 to 3 days and your cough and sore throat will go away.

Continue if you’re still coughing until it subside.

Other benefit is anti-oxidant, prevent certain types of cancer. Try googling and search the benefits of turmeric.

I have no idea if those packet form turmeric has man made colouring or not. So, it’s best if you can get a raw turmeric and smash it into bits.

(Do not take with cinnamon or fenugreek or doctor’s prescription if you’re on this turmeric remedy)

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