Chen Qiao En 2010 Ladies Bra Commercial Film

On the 5th February 2009, Joe Chen Qiao En attended a lingerie promotional event. The outfit she wore there revealed her chest, and even though she was standing next to 4 models and lost to them in height, her D-Cups were displayed proudly. She revealed that she has moved on from being ashamed of her chest to being proud of it. She matured at an early stage, and when she was in Grade 5 in primary school and had to start wearing a bra, she discovered that she was different from the rest of her classmates. Because of this, in that period of time, she felt ashamed of herself, and thought that she was a freak. It continued till she filmed the bikini scene in ‘Prince Who Turned into a Frog ’: “Many guys thought that my figure was rather good, and they treated me more nicely.” According to Joe, her good figure wasn’t inherited from her mother’s genes, but mainly because she loves to eat collagen-enriched food, “You can say this is heaven’s gift to me.” When she was in primary school, she often got envious stares from her classmates, due to her good assets. However, she was very embarrassed by it, and she was terrified of sports events, because it required running, and she felt that it was shameful. She didn’t have nice underwear at that time, and most of time she wore ‘mother-like’ underwear
Chen Qiao En 2010 Ladies Bra Commercial Film

Chen Qiao En Underwear Ads 2009

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