Big America Burgers in Japan

Japan is popular for it’s uniqueness. You can always find unusual food and stuff in Japan. McDonald’s Japan just release 4 new burgers in 2010 just for Japan’s local market. They are called “American Burgers”.
The first one, the “Texas Burger” has BBQ sauce, strips of bacon and crispy fried onions, cheese, and seed type mustard. Texas Burger has a middle Big Mac-style bun to separate the beef burger on the bottom and the bacon & onions on top.
Next is the Burger New York due to release in early February 2010, the Burger New York is topped with Monterrey Jack cheese, rich tasty bacon, sliced tomato, lettuce and a grainy mustard sauce.
Then the California burger is just a regular quarter-pound beef patty, spicy cheese, bacon strips, tomato slices and lettuce topped with “California Wine Sauce”.
“Hawaiian Burger” in 2010 will be coming in mid-January to late February. Special gravy, an Egg McMuffin-style fried egg, bacon scissors, specialties of the Hawaiian “loco moco” (typically white rice topped with a hamburger patty, a fried egg and brown gravy), chopped lettuce and an American cheese slice.
A commercial ad for Texas Burger Japan

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