Zappos – 100 best company to work for in 2010

How do you define a fun workplace…..

I’ve worked for a few companies since i graduated and there are no “fun working environment” to be seen anywhere in Malaysia. Office is a place to act serious, professional and bla bla, you must follow my order because i am your senior or boss and etc, this is what that cross their mind on what to expect in a office working society. Employees are forbid from chit chatting and talking with colleague because the boss said so. According to the higher level management, time is wasted from unnecessary chit chatting, there is what you called those “performance review” to check your performance whether you spend more time on chatting or on work. And, in a call centre environment, customer service representatives are given a set of standard scripts to follow and their teleconversation with customers are tracked and time on each call are monitored. At times, companies who are on tight budget will cancel all their budgets for companies parties and events.
Do you think this is a fun  and happy work place? No wonder staff turnover rate are getting higher each year for MNC companies. And lastly they blame it on the Gen X and Gen Y for job hopping, criticizing on their work attitude, no loyalty and many more unlike our parent’s generation where all workers will work their whole life with the same company.
Workplace criteria for Gen X, Y and the coming generations.
The new generation who equip themselves with overloaded knowledge which open our eyes to see how our world have change. We are no longer “Frog under the coconut shell” (means in malay “Katak dibawah tempurung”). We knew about
Freedom is freedom of speech, freedom to act, freedom to live and most of all freedom to choose which company who cares about their staff well-being, their staff likes and dislikes.
Zappos (ranking #15) is one of the 100 best companies to work for in 2010 which i encourage companies in Malaysia to learn about their working culture. is on the #15 rank for 100 best companies to work for in 2010 Fortune Magazine.
What makes it such a fun place where everyone seems so eager to join this company? Check it out here…
Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, takes a break with employees in the merchandising department for athletic performance footwear to enjoy a game of desk volleyball at the company’s call center in Henderson in this file photo.
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A day in the life of

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