Tips for double celebration

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As we all know this year is going to be a double celebration of Chinese New Year & Valentine day which happens to fall on the same day on Feb 14, 2010. Most couples will grinch especially when they can’t decide who to celebrate with – parents or girlfriends.

Chinese are particular about celebrating the 1st day and 2nd day of Chinese New Year with their family and relatives. Together they will gather for a feast at home or restaurants which are usually more expensive than normal days.

Valentines day are a special event for couples to enjoy spending romantic twosome candlelight dinner together and the only day in the whole year where the girls will receive chocolates and flowers from their love ones.

When these 2 big events coincide on the same date, the guys will have trouble on whether to celebrate with their parents or their girlfriends.

Here are some tips for couples who faces difficulties when their girlfriends can’t seem to comprise.

Reunion dinner are celebrate a day before 1st day of Chinese New Year, on this day, everyone will go back hometown to celebrate with their parents to enjoy a big feast, home cook food by mum or dad (depends who is better in cooking).

Tips for double celebrations

1st day of Chinese New Year and also Valentine Days – Provided if the guy are staying near his girlfriends place, he may wish his parents “Gong Xi Fa Cai” with a big smile in the morning and by night falls usually his parents will let him out of the house. Fetch girlfriend and drove her to a luxury candlelight dinner with a BIG bouquet of flowers and gift for her, she will be delighted. For those whose hometown are far away, you have no choice but to either switch on your msn for a v-valentine (video valentine) with her. Perhaps, a cake and flowers to be delivered right to her doorstep will melt her heart.

Art of compromising

In any circumstances, compromising will lead to a successful love relationship. Knowing how to compromise is key component to a healthy and will last a long time or perhaps a lifetime relationship with your partner. A lot of people feel that compromise will take away from who they are as a sign of weakness. Comprise isn’t a weakness unless you make a wrong compromise, which then make you suffer a loss.

But the best way are…. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” (The 3 wise monkeys)

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See no evil – the situation is not as bad as we think, look on a bright side!
Hear no evil – listen to a good piece of advice rather than a lousy ones from your close friends or others
Speak no evil – never criticise, condemn or complain

Girlfriends should compromise with their boyfriends and let them return back to celebrate with their parents. Follow the 3 steps of the wise monkeys and look on the bright side of everything in your life, you will be happier..

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