Tali Tenang – Bangsar LRT Station

Credits : Sumwai. Thanks!
An exciting event is going to take place at Bangsar LRT this coming  Saturday 23rd January 2010.
The event is organize by UNITED COLOURS of MALAYSIA -The 1+2 Campaign and their mission is to show how Malaysian stay calm and united despite all the tension, crisis and problems around their surroundings.
Back in 2008, their movement “KL Freeze in Unison” in Pavilion was awesome!.
Watch their video

Now, in this year 2010, they are creating another movement to reunite again with YOU!
Let us do something symbolic. Come with a piece of rope/string and we will tie them together to make a one long, beautiful, cool rope that represents each and every one of us.
We will then take our fantastic work of art on a short, 15-minute tour for our fellow Malaysians to see.
Come and join us! Anyone and everyone! All you have to do is:
1. Bring a piece of rope/string the length of your right arm [Any colour or texture]
2. Wear a white t-shirt
3. If you have a Malaysian flag, bring it along
Most importantly, share this news with your friends and you, of course, must come too!
Are they going to FREEZE again inside the LRT?.  Anxious to know the answer, join them and find out!
For more info visit http://RandomAlphabets.com/domestic/tali-tenang/
Credits : Sumwai. Thanks!
Here’s Tali Tenang video [Tali Tenang event from Menara UOA Bangsar to Bangsar Sports Complex].

[Credit: cincauhangus]
Marina Mahathir, the daughter and eldest child of the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohammad joined Tali Tenang event today
Marina Mahathir
Credit: Carolyn
Another great video from amesk8

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