Macdonald Doraemon Lucky Charm

McDonald’s Singapore started a Doraemon lucky charm series recently with each lucky charm selling at $2 if one orders a set  meal. However, one sign is missing from the 12 signs – the Pig. Instead, McDonald come up with a Cupid Doraemon because Valentine’s day falls on the same day as Chinese New Year this year. Parents have to do some explanation to their kids born in the Year of the pig about “Halal”~ sigh~

A parent questioned McDonald on this missing pig in their series of lucky charms and added that it’s just a collectible Pig soft toy and it’s not food. The answer surprised her even more: As a halal restaurant McDonals could not display or sell Pig soft toys. Prior to this, she have given up collecting the lucky charms because one her kids are born in the year of Pig.

Reference: Straittimes

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