Google launched Nexus One


Google’s biggest, most important announcement today isn’t the Nexus One smartphone’s feature set, specifications, or which carrier networks it will work on. It’s Google’s business model that matters.

Google has finally launched the Nexus One and it’s directly selling to customer through its However it’s not available in Malaysia. It’s available for a few countries (Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Britain)
Note: Customers in the United States can buy it without service and unlocked for $529. You’ll be able to use the quad-band world phone with any GSM carrier, but it will only support 3G networks used by T-Mobile in the United States.
You can buy Nexus One with T-Mobile service for $179. The handset is unlocked, but you’ll have to sign a T-Mobile contract.
Nexus One prices are only USD$179.99 (about RM626.27), and for an unlocked phone, will cost USD$529.99 (RM1844.37).
Google’s Slick Nexus One Online Storefront Is An Ecommerce Revelation
Our new approach to buying new mobile phone (Posted by Mario Queiroz, VP of Product Management)

Live from Google’s Android press conference

Live from Google’s Android phone launch

Everything you need to know in a one list about Nexus One by TheNextWeb

Nexus One (Video)
Nexus One vs iPhone, Droid & Palm Pre
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Nexus One is available now via a Google web store at
Check out  Nexus One YouTube channel at for fun videos, how-to’s, and a closer look at Nexus One.
Check out Google Nexus One YouTube channel at for fun videos, how-to’s, and a closer look at Nexus One.
What’s so cool about Nexus One? Read an overview of all the cool new software and hardware features here:
or you can follow Nexus One in Twitter #googlenexus and @nexusoneforum

“Is this going to be an iPhone killer? I don’t think anything is an iPhone killer,” said Kevin Burden, a mobile industry analyst with New York-based ABI Research.

Google Android Press Gathering 01/05/10 11:42AM

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Customer support for Nexus One Support Centre

  • Google‘s customer support site, for problems with ordering, billing, returns, apps, and other issues, offers two “Contact and troubleshooting options.” Those are:
    • Online troubleshooting guide: “Find an answer to your problem using our online troubleshooter”
    • The option to email Google for support, with no guarantee you’ll ever hear back from anyone. “In most cases you won’t receive a personal response, but rest assured that we review each report that we receive.”
    • There is also a message board for user-to-user help.
  • HTC has a customer support line, and a support representative told us they’d be able to help with anything device related, hardware or software.
  • T-Mobile, the phone’s first carrier, also has Nexus One phone customer service, but only for “service-related issues such as coverage, data and billing,” a T-Mobile rep tells us. “Google and HTC will offer support related to the product (hardware and software).”

(Source: Business Insider)

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