Bill Gates joins Twitter & Facebook

You can start following him at @BillGates.
8 hours ago, Bill Gates joined Twitter and now he had more than 100,000 followers. Whether he will continue his tweets to his faithful followers in the long run is hard to predict.
According to Mashable his first tweets was discovered by Twitter’s Caroline Mizumoto. And in minutes, he’s instantly followed by Twitter followers.

It’s estimated that’s about 12,500 Twitter followers per hour, or ~208 new tweeps per minute. In reality though, Bill’s follower count escalated after Caroline’s tweet, meaning his real rate of growth is about 20,000 new followers per hour.
Welcome to the Twitterverse, Bill Gates and updates us about your daily life.”
Source: Mashable

Aiks, He joins Twitter & Facebook too

Bill Gates on Facebook
Bill Gates on Twitter
Source: stuff.techwhack

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