Problem-solving & decision-making

Turn on the radio this morning and listened to an interesting topic from BFM 89.9 The Business Station. Manage to type out as fast as i could to grab the key points.
Topic for today is “Problem-solving & decision-making with Murphy Lum, People Coaching Works in Raise Your Game (Enterprise)” at 11am.

How to increase sales without increasing sales force

6 steps of efficient

1) Aware of the problem
2) Fact finding – what evidence
3) Quantify problems – coming out with the problems, list out the statement, identify the problems and identify the
root cause
4) come out with the solutions – eg: cash, does it involve cash,corporation, legal cost benefit, and etc
5) Once we have solution, we have to implement and monitor the plan, ensure plan is producing the results we wanna
6) To follow up permanently to solve it, learn and don’t repeat the same problem

“it’s okay to make mistake so long as we learnt from it”

Problems Solving Technique

1) Brain storming – to come out with more options whether it’s logic the silly the better
2) Break up into small management parts – what if this way..
3) Trial and error – keep trying
4) Adopt lateral thinking – look at it in another angle

Why do we make wrong decision?

Don’t make decision when we are emotional/ too excited/ too depress. minds clouded, highly influence by emotions.

How to make decision in life and work

1) Define objective – work at it
2) Option listing – large/ small decision – list down enough options – look at it and see which one more comfortable
and rework on the options
3) Accumulate Information Рstep back and ask yourself and where can i get it, help you to see you have enough  options
4) Be objective – trust your wisdom and make sure you make best decision based on information you have
5) Lock in decision – firm and committed and stick with it
6) Evaluate situation – make sure it meet the objectives and decision, constantly evaluate and go back to step 1, things may change therefore go through the cycle again.
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