Learning Taichi online

Jet Li - The Tai chi Master
Jet Li - The Tai chi Master

In this generation, if you want to learn any form of skill for example Tai chi, you don’t need to pay to enrol classes. You can simply google and learn from sites or online videos easily on your own computer.
What is Tai Chi?
A Chinese martial art that features slow, rhythmic movements, deep breathing, and concentration to condition the body and clarify the mind
Benefits of Tai Chi
Tai chi has been studied scientifically only in recent years. And although more research is needed, preliminary evidence suggests that tai chi may offer numerous benefits beyond stress reduction, including:
* Reducing anxiety and depression
* Improving balance, flexibility and muscle strength
* Reducing falls in older adults
* Improving sleep quality
* Lowering blood pressure
* Improving cardiovascular fitness in older adult
* Relieving chronic pain
* Increasing energy, endurance and agility
* Improving overall feelings of well-being
You can now log on to CCTV and learn Tai Chi video online.
About Master Han Jin Song
Master Han Jin Song
Master Han Jin Song is the founder and Chief Instructor of Tai Chi Australia. Originally a senior coach at the Beijing Sport University. Currently Australian National Team Coach for Tai Chi and Wushu World Championships.

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