Food for kids – The japanese way

Yesterday while i was passing by Burger king at KLCC, i saw a couple with 3 kids having a tray full of fries. Believe it or not, even baby are feed with this oily unhealthy fries!. Why are we educating our younger generation to lead this kind of lifestyle? Aren’t we suppose to teach children good eating habits considering nowadays more and more kids are becoming obese.
What type of food are served in primary and secondary school in Malaysia?
Oily, fried food with high content of salt and sugar with MSG.  I remembered during my school days, laksa, tomyam, fried karipap and many unhealthy food was served, school kids have no choice but to eat these food!. Not all parents are willing to spare some time to prepare healthy food for their kids because both parents are working and they themselves also have laksa, wantan mee, yee mee for lunch.
Lunch pack for kids
Working parents should allocate time to prepare healthy food for their kids to bring to school because what’s the use of earning so much income and in the end their kids have to bear the consequences of  suffering from all kind of diseases and sickness eg cancer
Japanese school kids lunch
Take a look at Japanese school kids lunch, this is what i call a well balanced diet! i think it’s time for parents to visit their children’s school canteen and take a look at what type of food are served.
Japan kids lunch
A well balanced school lunch at the Nishikasai Elementary School, Tokyo, Japan. (Clockwise from top left) Miso soup with nameko mushrooms and vegetables; fried saury fish on rice; nashi pear; konyaku with mixed vegetables; and a carton of milk.

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