Firefox ScribeFire Plugin for Remote Blogging

Frustrating is a word to describe after all my effort went down the drain. I have personally encountered this problem.  Saved my drafts in wordpress and noticed it’s all gone. I’ve login and out and it’s still not visible. Perhaps it’s the lousy streamyx line problem. Occasionally, my streamyx will go offline for a few seconds and back to normal state. I’ve had enough of  it.
Today, i found ScribeFire. Fidget with this application. ScribeFire integrates with your favourite Mozilla Firefox browser to let you easily post to your blog and you can drag and dropformatted text from pages you are browsing, takes notes, and post to multiple blogs.
ScribeFire currently supports the following services:
* LiveJournal
* Xanga
* Windows Live Spaces
* Performancing
* Jeeran
* Tumblr
* MySpace
* b2Evolution
* Splinder
In addition to the hosted services mentioned above, ScribeFire also supports custom blogging platforms which are usually blogging software hosted on your own server.
The currently supported blogging platforms are:
* WordPress (
* Movable Type (
* Drupal (
* Textpattern (
* Roller (
* Blogger (
* MetaWeblog API (Any blogging software that implements this API)
As mentioned above, any blogging software or blogging platform that implements the MetaWeblog API is implicitly supported by ScribeFire.
Download ScribeFire

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