Durex Talks About Sex in Ora! Online Sex Community

Durex and the Code Computerlove agency has launched Ora! website,
Ora Website is a place for people to express about their sexual experiences and read articles, tips and stories related to the sex. As for now the site is invite-only to get feedback from the users and gain proper popularity before its full launch in early 2010.
“The aim is for Ora! to be the global authority on sex and sexuality, with new and refreshing content unlike anything else out there. It will be a safe, secure and trustworthy environment for people to talk about sex. In our audience research we found people saw Durex as the natural choice to launch such an initiative, and we’ve seen a real buzz from sex bloggers, health experts and journalists, who have all asked to become members of the beta launch”, noted Alex Comyn, account director at Code Computerlove.
The site creators say that they expect the community members to feel free and ready to share their sexual impressions and experiences with each other. With strict moderation policy, there will be no pressure or bulling, and this is going to provide the users with unlimited freedom of expressing their thoughts and opinions, while being total anonymous and safe.

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