Bukit Antarabangsa landslide report out at last

This report has been released to the public by the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).
50 copies of this report are priced at RM80 were all sold out by 11 am yesterday (according to TheStar)
This copies have been pre-booked before they went on sale early yesterday morning according to an MPAJ officer.
And now, this 78-page report was leaked and published on websites 2 days before it was released.
Download link Malaysia-today.net
More about landslide in Malaysia

“landslide occur at Seaside Malaysia on 1993 year,this video was taken on the spot at that time.That year, I received a call by the owner of a tin mine (the element tin, not tin as in cans…). He said that his mine, which had been running for a few decades, was about to collapse. I rushed to the scene with my video camera and waited for a few hours. Finally, I took this valuable footage. Although the footage lasted only a few minutes, it is horribly exciting enough. I hope that this video can let you all appreciate the consequence of ruining our environment”
(Credit: Youtube)
Review on Bukit Antarabangsa tragedy
“I am a resident of bkt antarabangsa and was awaken by the siren at around 4.15-4.30am. Initially, I thought it i was normal, but then when it became too frequent and at least 2 helicops at around 5am, I though theer must be a fire. As scores of bomba, ambulances, police cars started to drove by the quiet road in front of my apt, then I sense something was really wrong at 5.30am. Disturb, I wake up and ride my motorbike at 6.30am and the place was already crowded and roads were blocked. I took my bike and when to the hill top where it all started and saw only a few people and a policeman manning the area. Saw some big trees fallen and half of the road gone. Saw residents still in their sleeping clothes rushing out and carries their bags into their car.
Why are these happening? Simple, all the hills at Antarabangsa are not solidly formed. Rather, the hills are formed by loose earth which you can see from the landslide; there are not amny solid rocks at all. Some of the earths from the landslide are now dumped at a vacant area next to my block. And it is all mud, loose soil as an ex-tin mine area.
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“If one realises that KLumpur was previously mined for tin, and there could be sinkholes below those tall and heavy buildings that we look up to, that could be concerns also.”
Source: Pick this from Citizen’s Blog the star

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