Bamboo Underwears

Global warming is top phenomenon and it seems like everyone is going for green, save the earth, save our tree.
Even undergarments for women are going green. We seen Triumph’s new Eco Chic with it’s fashionable & trendy designs made thru a 100% environmental friendly process.
You see they have not forgotten the men undergarment. Now they have invented an underwear made out of bamboo?
Why choose bamboo underwear?
Bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable and produced without pesticides.
Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and a good option for those prone to skin allergies from chemical processing.
Benefits of Bamboo underwear

  • Bamboo briefs dries faster than regular briefs.
  • Bamboo clothing has antibacterial properties.
  • Bamboo underwear allows the body to breathe.
  • You feel comfortable, comfy, smooth when you wear it.
  • Bamboo fabric has many ecological benefits.
  • It deals with odors better than cotton.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. It helps reduce the carbon dioxide gases that contribute to global warming and does not require the use of pesticides for its growth.

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