30 minutes off your online and offline activities

(Photo credit: healthyheart.nhs.uk)
Most people tend to forget about the importance of daily exercise. We tend to be busy with our life on building our career, exams, starting and running own business, caring for our little ones, housework, datelines, dating, blogging, updating ourselves on latest news via online and offline and way too busy posting and playing Farmville in Facebook,Twitter, Youtube and many more.
Little do we realize that many are suffering from heart failure, heart disease, diabetes, strokes. If only they would spend as little as 30 minutes each day to exercise, it will reduce the risks of these illness. Nevertheless, apart from daily exercise, we should control our eating habit. Less “SOS” (Salt, Oil, Sugar).
Year 2010 is just a few days, so it’s the best time to plan your days ahead, get an organizer or a diary and write down your food consumption, exercises, online and offline activities eg: watching tv, internet, errands, appointments and others.
I’ve bought an organizer and my new year’s resolution is to exercise more, eat healthy and stay fit.
What’s your resolution for next year?

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