Lot 10 food court: Hutong food court (1st Non-Halal foodcourt in Malaysia)

Yesterday i went to PC Fair (today is the last day of pc fair) and i got a free voucher to eat at Lot 10 food court. It’s surprising that this food court have change a LOT since my last time. It’s NON- HALAL!!!. Hurray, pork taste so delicious!!!. I even saw Tan Sri Dato‘ Francis Yeoh eating with a chinese guy. His body guard is standing nearby. He’s having his lunch there.
francis yeoh
(Photo: Tan Sri DatoFrancis Yeoh)
It’ one of YTL big project this year is “Hutong Food court” located at Lot 10 ground floor. “Cai Lan” / “Choi Lan” (famous HK food critic) is the ambassador for this big project
(Photo: Choi Lan)
It’s official launching date is Nov 10, 2009.
This food court offers the best of KL street food such as: –

a)Bak Kut Teh

b)Unique egg skin popiah rolls

c)Soong Kee beef noodle

d)Lam Mee

e)charcoal fry Hokkien Mee and others

Do not missed while at KL Bintang Street

Uniqueness: The only food court which offers NON-Halal and they make sure all the cooking are done in their original ways for eg: if they are using charcoal and it will stays that way. The CEO of Lot 10 actually handpicked them these famous food to open at his food court.

1st NON-HALAH food court in shopping mall in Malaysia offering food brand such as


Song Kee Beef Noodle

Ho Weng Kee

Ipoh Chicken Rice

Hon Kee Famous Porridge

Campbell mini popiah

Bak Kut Teh

Kum Lian Kee


Little Taiwan

Georgetown, Penang Mee

Cheeky Doe

Pomodoro Cuisine

Petit Bouchon

Luk Yu Tea House

Western Food Trend

Thai Corner & Little Wok

Kong Tai (Singapore prawn noodle)

You Tiao

Kluang Station

Inner Circle Café

La Porc Dor


Mr Siew Bao

Nyonya Kueh


In fact today i saw so many famous people..

At Hutong Foodcourt i saw Tan Sri Dato‘ Francis Yeoh & a girl who is one of 8tv chinese host, i don’t know what’s her name


(Photo: 8tv Host)

At pavilion, while i was heading to Yo sushi to have my dinner, bump with Elaine Kang (Malaysian singer), walking with her boyfriend i suppose or husband, not sure.


Yesterday i had this


o chien from Kong Tai

Today i am going to try this


Mo Sang Kor’s bak kut teh

So delicious, when you drop by bukit bintang area, remember to try all the food stall at Hutong Food court!

How to go to Lot 10 Hutong Food court


Lot 10 is a shopping complex connected directly to Bukit bintang monorail station. You get out of the monorail, exit and you will see the stairs into Lot 10.

Or; from Pavilion shopping mall  walk out to Jalan Bukit bintang.

Or: cross the road Sg. Wang shopping mall.

It’s a green building and you won’t miss it!

Conclusion is the BEST food for non-halal food court compare to KLCC food court and pavilion food court.

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