P1 Wimax vs TMnet Streamyx Advertisement battle

Have you potong/cut? This is P1 Wimax latest campaign to encourage more subscribers to use their P1 Wimax. At first I have the impression of the ads as referring to circumcision or bersunat / berkhatan for the Muslim. It’s very misleading at first, “After cutting it off, it’s faster and more enjoyable”. In my opinion, their marketing is quite creative because everyone will go and tease their friends and colleagues asking them whether they have “potong” or cut. Anyway, after surfing the net for feedbacks and reviews from users who have switched to P1 Wimax, most have negative comments.
And i really salute the person who comes up with the latest streamyx ads to fight with P1 Wimax ads where this guy look-a-like Michael Lai (P1 W1MAX CEO) carrying a modem with the notebook outside the window trying to search for signal. It’s purpose is to tell (consumer) that P1 signal is weak and not as strong as streamyx and you will need to walk around with your modem and notebook to look for the coverage.
P1 Wimax CEO – Michael Lai
If you look at the latest ads by Streamyx, you will notice a “P” on why user should not trust beginners, its clearly to us “P” stands for P1 Wimax.
Anyway, the choice is up to user on which is his/her preference option.

Panel reviewing ‘potong’ ad

THE controversial P1 Wimax broadband advertisement which repeatedly stressed on the word potong (cut), is now being reviewed by the Malaysian Communications and Multi-media Commission (MCMC).
Deputy Information, Communications and Culture Minister Heng Seai Kie said the content of the advertisement is now being re-viewed by the commission’s forum to determine whether it contravened the code specified for content requirement.
In her reply to Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN – Sri Gading), Heng said all advertisements, prior to being aired, would need to be approved by the censorship board under the Home Minis-try.
“The censorship board does not come under this ministry,’’ she said.
Earlier, Mohamed stood up to ask Heng about the advertisement when the latter replied on points raised relating to her ministry.
“When we say potong, people will think potong itulah (referring to circumcision). If possible, potong (remove) the advertisement,’’ he said with a laugh.
As Mohamed went on lamenting the plight of local artists, Deputy Speaker Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar interjected to remind him:
“Yang Berhormat, please make it brief. I will not use the word potong on you.’’
Mohamed was quick to respond: “Oh, in this case saya tidak dipotonglah (I was not cut).”
Source: Thestar

3 thoughts on “P1 Wimax vs TMnet Streamyx Advertisement battle

  1. Actually this ads is really a break through in Malaysian advertising industrial. I don’t find it to be offending as many have said so. I have seen lot of advertisements that are more mind blowing than this in some other tv in other countries.

    1. For example in Thai ads, their ads are quite “over” at times and much more creative i must say. Not to say offending but you will think narrow a bit when you first watch their ads.. u know what i mean..

  2. P1 defends its cutting-edge ad
    “The campaign is actually saying that it is time for mobile broadband, not to be tied up with wires. But of course, it is just symbolic. Don’t take it seriously” Michael lai said..in today thestar online

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