Virgin Galactic Space Tourism in 18-months

18 months from now, everyone will have their chance to travel to space and this is made possible by Sir Richard Branson , an entrepreneur, airline founder and Virgin Group President.

Richard is moving ahead with its Virgin Galactic division and plan for space tourism, satellites launches and other ventures. He said the first expedition of Virgin Galactic (dubbed SpaceShipTwo) to outer space is set to take off 18 months from now with Mr. Branson, his parents and his children. 200 tickets costing $200,000 are sold out for the maiden voyage he says. He dreams of hotels in space and inter-orbital shuttles. “We will give people a taste of space,” he says.
Here’s the clip of how Virgin Galactic space tourism look like

Flights aboard SpaceShipTwo will last about 2.5 hours. During that time, passengers will reach a maximum altitude of 68 miles.

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