Twitter for Business

6 Ways for Brands to Use Twitter
What is Twitter and Why to use it?
Very popular for celebrities, media and executives. It as microblogging platform with a limitation of 140 characters answers to 1 simple question: “What are you doing”
As of May 2009, Twitter growth by over 400% in the past year. Growth in traffic increased by 1% in the past month.A study from Sysomos shows: that the tops 10% of Twitter users make up for more than 86% of the total Tweets – pointing out that the more followers a person has the more frequently they are like to Tweets.
New Harvard studies: show that 60% of Twitters users sign up and only use it once.
Business Opportunities
Twitter allows businesses a new mode of communication to match their customers’ preferences.

Follow > Create > Engage

1) Customer Service
Anyone who has customerss – B2C, B2B, G2B, G2C, etc… can use Twitter to quickly listen and respond to customer feedback before problems escalate and to activate brand ambassadors..
eg: @comcastcares
2) Product Promotion and Sales
Successful sales and promotion plan is based on identifying your audience, providing useful content, prepare to engage in conversation. When it’s done correctly, your followers will not only become loyal customers but also evangelists for your brand and your promotions.
Eg: TwitterMoms (a network of 16,000 moms on Twitter to help promote their products and services and drive sales. TwitterMoms host Twitter parties and contests, giving its community a reason to post about and share products with their followers.)
3) Event Activation
Real-time ability to connect with others and share experiences makes Twitter a great platform for individuals / companies to use during major event
Eg: @fordfiesta
4) Crisis Management
Using Twitter for crisis communications to prevent an isolated issue from becoming a full-blown crisis as it’s about communicating to the public once a crisis has hit. It’s a fast way to respond and to maintain an open channel.
eg: jetblue
5) Corporate Reputation Management
Twitter offers a new channel and outlet for your brand’s personality and humanity. To share the brand personality from real-live people behind the messages being Tweeted. It’s easy to see what others are saying about your brand and topics of interest and create a strong presence within those conversations.
eg: Zappos (provides customers with an inside look at the company and core values, industry news, through leadership, useful resources and product promotion)
6) Issue Advocacy
Connect people with similar interests with non-profits and issue advocacy organizations creating community and providing useful information to those they serve. Volunteers, donors and supporters
Eg: @LiveStrong (spread word about cancer and provide people with tools they need to live life on their own terms..provide communications and support to those dealing with cancer while building awareness and raising funds for foundations and cancer research)

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