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I am sure you are aware of SEO, frankly speaking, i am not a pro, but i’ve absorbing and learning about google analytics, and spending money into Facebook advertising and google adwords just to get a “feel” of it.  it takes time and hardwork DAILY to build your site ranking for eg: Alexa. Results are not seen overnight. Therefore what you can do is to drive more traffic. But how? What is the method?
Since everybody is talking about  social networking sites. Why not use Twitter and Facebook (Both are rank by Top 25 Social Networks). Twitter is ONE of the methods because everybody seems to be going to Twitter to promote their brands, blogs, popularity, products, service and many more. Even celebrities like Amber Chia and Oprah are using these microblogging sites.
Top 25 Social Networking

Have you created your twitter account? i’ve even customized my background with 1 Malaysia theme using and plucking logo from internet.
I believe some of you might have many followers, for those who want to follow more people and hopefully they will follow you back, here’s what you can do, visit ““.
In addition to this application, you may post your feeds automatically to Twitter when you post a new content into WordPress by using TwitterPost. Believe me, it will save a lot of you time from having to post to delicious, twitter, facebook, digg, hi5, linkedIn and other social networking sites.
What is Buzzom?
Buzzom is a web application where you can mass follow people with just one click. It enables you to search people by keywords in their Bios for eg: Kuala Lumpur or to find people who tweets about a certain keyword.
You may FLUSH means to unfollow those who do not follow you back. And, GROW your network to follow people, or RECIPROCATE means to follow your followers back.
Therefore, widen up your circles of friends by mass following people based on keywords!. Happy following people, you may