How to lose weight

Losing weight in the most natural way is to eat the right food and burn calories. Forget about lose weight quick from pills cause it won’t work in the long run. I am going to introduce to you the natural way of lose weight tips.
First of all, you need to clear all your snacks, chocolates, sweets, cookies, soft drinks in your home. Eliminate this unhealthy food from your eyesight.
You need to practice eating when you feel “really” hungry. When you’re putting the food into your mouth, you will chew your food slowly and concentrate on the food!. Once you feel you’re 1/2 full after eating, stop eating immediately. By doing so, you’re training your body to follow your order.
Asian main diet are rice, therefore, only purchase “Brown Rice”. Never take white rice because you will go hungry very fast. Purchase more organic green leafy vegetables, cook for a short time to maintain it’s nutrients. Avoid red meat as possible because it’s unhealthy and it’s fattening. If you need to eat red meat, just take a small portion once a week. As for fish, you can consume fish once / twice a week.
Drink more water to flush out toxins from your body. Eat more fruits eg: oranges, local fruits, bananas, (take one per day).
You may even eat 3-4 almond / walnuts in a once/ twice a week. After all , you need a balance in your diet.
If possible, try to eat less food made from flour/ wheat eg: bread, noodles, cookies.
When you eat healthy, your body will start to lose weight. If you crave for food, try eating cut carrots, tomatoes, cucumber or cabbage. This is because it’s fiber it will make you feel full.
Practise frequent eating smaller portion of meal. Breakfast is very important and should never skipped. Eat a moderate lunch with brown rice, vege and dinner you can take fruits, vege, a little bit of rice.
(Tips: Do not drink water after you had your meal, Wait for at least 30 mins, then you can drink your water. Our body need to burn food, if you drink water right after you consume your food. What do you think might happen? Try lighting a fire then pour water onto the fire, is the fire going to burn or what?)
Home cooking is best to put less oil, less salt, less sugar.
Fried food is very fattening, cakes, sweets and ice cream, therefore avoid these.
What outside food you can consume and it’s not fattening? …
Actually, this is hard to say. All outside food is fattening and unhealthy. If you really need to eat outside, choose your food carefully, eat rice + vege (small portion), subway coz it’s bread and vege a little bit of meat (it’s fast food also), try to avoid if possible. What about purchasing bread from bread store, but it’s made from butter, its’ fattening too. Decide on those food which you think are non-fattening for you. Or last final choice, cook from home and bring to office ….(Don’t place your food into plastic container coz it’s contain toxic, you can choose stainless steel)
Order hot drinks instead of cold drinks, cold drink will interfere with your stomach temperature, you won’t be able to burn those fats in the future more effectively if you always have¬† cold drinks..
Talking about exercising, those who drive are lazy to walk even if it’s a short distance. Try walking instead of driving next time. Human need to walk 10,000 steps per day!. So, in order to lose weight, you need to burn more than you eat. It’s going to take YEARS to lose fats, therefore we need to watch what we put into our mouth next time.

You are what you eat!

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