1st year marriage life. The do's and don'ts

1st year of marriage life is a tough ones. This is because you are not familiarize with your so called husband although you have dated him for almost 2 years or more than 2 years for some.
Dating and marriage is a TOTALLY different scene. During your dating stage, your boyfriend will treat you politely, nice, sweet, do some crazy romantic stuff for you, and some will even go out of their way to fetch you although your house is situated a few kilometres from his house. They won’t mind the troubles going all the way to fetch you, drive you to the Penang or Ipoh just to have a taste of your favourite Char Kuey Teow. You are in control of the situation, coz you have all the say and he just have to please you to make you happy.
After marriage…
The do’s and don’ts
1) Listen to your husband, if he say no, just follow his order (If you don’t listen, then be prepare for an arguments)
2) If he wants to hang out with his friends, female or male friends (You have to let him go and try to socialize with them, if you forbid him to meet his friends, an arguments will arise).
3) Never hangs out with your guy friends alone, because (your husband will be jealous and this will create an argument in the end)
4) Do not touch his personal things eg: his mobile phone, computers, books and etc (Touching his personal things will make him thinks that you’re checking on him)
5) If possible do not ask him to pay for your expenses (Earn your own money and pay for your own purchase items, or else you will have to report every single items you purchase to him everytime)
6) As a married wife, you’re expected from your husband to do ALL house work by yourself (Therefore, you have to do all housework without a single complain although sometimes it sounds not fair)
This applies to those who is full time working outside too. Do not expect an equal housework load coz you won’t get it. Woman (eg: housewife/ working fulltime/ mothers/ have to do all housework by themselves sick/ not sick days). When your husband is sick, you porridge for him, take water for him, but when you’re sick, be prepare to serve yourself (make porridge yourself, take water urself and so on.. ) coz tha’ts the way it is…
7) When your husband order a glass of water (You have to go and take a glass of water for him instantly! coz “wait first ah”/ you go take yourself la… you will create an argument)
8)When a husband goes to supermarket, he said no a certain items you put inside the trolley (Please put back and said Yes dear… even if yo’re paying for it with your own money..)
9) If at public places, your husband said nasty and rude words to you (Do not fight back his words, but nod and said yes ya, really meh, i duno and keep said you understand and he will think he’s mighty and smart and shut up afterall)
10) If you would like him to do something for you, you must give him options, to say yes/ no to you . Ask him nicely once and let him do it for you, Ask again nicely if he doesn’t do, Ask again nicely if he doesn’t do, if ask several times he still doesn’t do it for you. Silently do it yourself and keep the case close.
11) During heated arguments, do not dig back old scars into the arguments, and do not yell/disrespect him. (Just nod and keep quiet the whole time, drink a glass of milk + honey, take a bath and go to sleep early). (If you fight with him, there won’t be any ending, coz he will wants to win no matter what, therefore do not waste time debating with him)
12) For those who have in laws, encourage your husband to go back often coz you love your husband, you will have to learn to love your in laws too. (When your husband go backs, you have your own time to go shopping spree, go out with your own friends and do your own things)
13) Always treat your husband like a little boy eg (are you thirsty, i go take water for you ya, are you tired, let me give you a shoulder massage, aiyo so pity, and etc), coz yelling and scolding won’t do good in your marriage.
14) If a wife is earning her own money, be prepared to foot out money on expenses too, coz a husband will only pay for fix necessary expenses which he thinks it’s “necessary”. Others additional which you think it’s necessary, do not expect him to pay for it.

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