Selamat Hari Raya….

I have removed my news side panel widget because it looks kinda messy.
Currently, i am seeking for Internal Recruitment vacancy in HR Dept (location KL city / Midvalley only).You can contact me via my email or call me directly at 012-6855202.
As for head hunters/recruitment agencies sad to tell you this but I will only attend interview at your clients’ office aka Employer’s office ONLY.
However, you can still request my CV by emailing to me at my email as above.
There are so much things for me to do nowadays, I plan to make mooncake (recipes from video from my MIL) on Raya and egg tarts (recipe from my dearest aunt) which i haven’t started yet.
After Raya, i am going to get the remaining cross stitch floss that uncle from MACY at Petaling Street promised me he only have the stock available after Raya . I am going to stitch Santa Claus for Christmas!.
Sorry Lydia Teh, i haven’t finish reading your books yet coz I had to re-wash my laundry because it rained continuously for the past few days. Clothes which i had put outside of my balcony are all wet!. On Sunday, i had to finish ironing my husband’s and my clothes because Monday is his working day.
Apart from those, sewing hubby’s shorts (I must say, Kemahiran Hidup really teach me a lot on all types of sewing). So next time, if you have the subject “Kemahiran Hidup” classes, don’t say its’ boring, coz it will help you when you become people’s wife one day.
Got my citibank renewal card today, called up citibank, and they told me i don’t need to verify my details in order to have it activate. I can straight away use it when my old citibank card expire. Great to hear that..
Done with calling up Public Bank about my condo’s insurance with management – RHB. Now i know i can cancel my Public Bank’s insurance and need to update Public Bank yearly when i receive RHB ‘s/ Condo insurance next time.
The scope of coverage are:-

  1. Fire and Lightning
  2. Impact Damage Endorsement (Including Insured’s Own Vehicle)
  3. Aircraft Damage Endorsement (Excluding Helipads)
  4. Bursting Or Overflowing of Water Tanks Apparatus or Pipes
  5. Riot, Stricke & Malicious Damage
  6. Storm Tempest Endorsement
  7. Earthquake & Volcanic Eruption Endorsement
  8. Explosion (Non-Industrial Without Boilets)
  9. Subsidence & Landslip Endorsement (Standar Cover)
  10. Flood Damage Endorsement

MIL gave hubby mee suah, I think i need to buy pork already. How else to cook mee suah if without pork? Use fish? Umm… I think i prefer pork.
Last week me and my best friend Chin Hong went to this Hai-O at Petaling Street, that lady keep pestering us to buy Bak Foong Yuen, keep on saying how good it’s for woman to take it in order to have a good health condition before giving birth. It’s expensive!…. I told her that i am taking Ba zhen soup. She told me drinking Ba Zhen soup is only good for certain body, while Bak Foong Yuen is for the whole body. I think i will still stick with Ba zhen, coz my mum never in her life take Bak Foong Yuen, and she’s still looking young.
Tomorrow i am going to buy a few ingredients to try making my aunt’s recipe egg tart. I hope i can successfully make a nice looking and delicious egg tart.  After hubby finish with his seminar thingy, we are heading to the cinema coz we have a free movie ticket.
Raya is around the corner, this Sunday & Monday, will be very bz constructing my pure raw lotus, I have no idea how to cook this raw lotus, coz i am not using a pressure cooker! Dad will get the fresh salty egg yoke for me by this week.
To all Malay friends and readers, I wish you “Selamat Hari Raya”!….

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