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Upside down text status update
Some of you may have noticed your friends have their text status in a upside down position. I am sure you might think they’re clever or have some knowledge in coding  Plus it looks funny when your friends and families have to tilt their head to read your status text. Now you too can have your text in a flip position by using fliptext.org
Konami Code Lens Flare Hack
Here’s the tips:
Login to your facebook. Enter the following series of arrows and letters exactly: up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-b-a-<Enter>. Then scroll your scroll bar up and down and watch the cool lens flare effect! It will disappears after a short time  and definitely a fun time to mess around with your friends.
Schedule Facebook Status Updates with Sendible
Do you like to keep your Facebook profile active, when you on vacation and may be offline for a few days?  Or maybe you want your colleagues and boss to think you’re home on your sick leave. Accomplish these by using Sendible to schedule your Facebook status updates.
For Facebook and twitter you need to sign up with Sendible first, just click on Facebook/ Twitter and provide your Facebook/Twitter login details. Sendible connects directly with your Facebook/Twitter account. The, under “New Messages” click on “Status Updates“.

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