Buddy Streetfighter Gary Cao vs Justin Lo

Watch their action movie at below.

(Fighting Video of Gary Chaw and Justin Lo in Hong Kong)
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Malaysian Singer Gary Chaw, 30 and Justin Lo aka Zak Tin got into a fight after they had drinks at a pub in Central district early Wednesday morning.
At about 1am, Chaw left the pub in anger while Lo followed with a “red face”. They then had a heated arguments by the roadside Jin Zhong road for half and hour. Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily News reported that Chaw punched Lo until he collapsed on the roadside. Lo got up and fought back. They were pulled apart by their friends later. They left in a taxi together with 2 male friends but the taxi had to make an emergency stop, Chaw was seen jumping on the street and calling Lo to step out of the vehicle and fight like a man!After Justin refused, Chaw kicked Lo who was seated at the back seat. The 33-year-old Lo got off and was in pain. Then Chaw grabbed a road sign and wanted to hit Lo, but his friends managed to stop him.
30 mins later, both of them left separately accompanied by their friends. During an interview with a Hong Kong radio station on Wednesday, Chaw acted as though nothing had happened and only talked about his concert in November.
Due to this, CEO of Chaw’s record company BMA Records, Luo Jicheng, announced Gary’s scheduled concerts in Hong KONG in November will be cancelled to prevent an awkward situations on stage.On top of this, Chaw’s record company stands to lose up to 1 million yuan (S207,700) from the cancelled concerts.
After Gary’s successful conerts in August at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Chaw’s company had planned for him the November shows as part of his “Welcome to My World Part II” tour, however, now that he got into this scene, everything was cancelled! Anyway, his upcoming visit to Singapore next week to promote his 4th and latest album “Supermarket” will be proceed as planned.As for his series of performances scheduled for October in Kuming and Canada will be cancelled remains unknown until further notice.
After this incident, Gary appogised for his behaviour towards Justin Lo and also his fans at the press conference on Thursday.

“I have no excuses, no reasons. I am wrong. I am willing to take whatever responsibilities, punishment….
“Justin had never wanted to hurt me with his actions. It is very obvious this is not a fight… it was me who lost control,” he said.

For those who don’t know who is Gary Chaw: Gary Chaw was born in Sabah, is known as “Little Heavenly King” by media, sent to study in Canada when he was only 9. He returned home and participated in Astro singing contest in 1999 but lost.
Later, he was signed up by a recoding company and released his album Xiao Wo Ben (Laugh at my stupidity).
And Justin Lo is also a song-writer and record producer born in America, was signed up at a singer in 2005.
The same year, his debut album Justin was released and became a hit with 15,000 copies sold on 1st day. He held his debut concert at HK Coliseum the next year and tickets were sold out within 10 mins.
He held his 7th concert in Malaysia on Christmas eve in 2006.

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