Add google adsense to phpbb

I am going to show you how to add adsense code into your phpbb forum.
I’ve created pictorial step-by-step because “A Picture is worth a thousand words”. Here i assume you know what is a cpanel, google adsense code and a little bit of html and php knowledge. It’s okay if you don’t know php or html because i don’t know how to code also, but as times goes by you will recognize the flow of  coding.
Recently in Popular book fair, i’ve purchased this PHP book the title is Head First PHP & MySQL By “O’Reilly (written by Lynn Beighley & Michael Morrison). A very unique written book with pictures, arrows, jokes and more, unlike just wordings in some books. (price: RM148.45 @ Kinokuniya – KLCC).
Okay,let us see the pictorials as below:-
Here, i want my adsense code to appear in the center before post and below menu
Find “cache” folder and select your theme
I am using Redsilver theme, and i need to add into/edit the overall header php
Successfully added google adsense and you need to blend with your background color.
Other tools used are: (if you know how to use you can color pick background color)

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