What is Synthetic Ethyl Alcohol

Nature of a synthetic alcohol. As the name suggests it has not been extracted from the fruits such as grapes, dates etc. but is synthesised chemically.
Synthetic Ethyl Alcohol, which is a short chain alcohol (C2H5OH) and is a liquid. It causes intoxication when ingested.
Fruits such as dates and grapes when they are putrified, produce Ethyl Alcohol which is the intoxicating agent.
Ethyl Alcohol is also used in many cosmetic agents both for men (Aftershave Lotion) and for female perfumes. Ethyl Alcohol is absorbed through the skin. It then passes through the flesh into the blood vessels and finally mixes with the blood and circulates throughout the body. Once in the blood it is as good as if one has ingested through the mouth. As a small quantity of any intoxicant, as mentioned earlier, all liquid cosmetic products containing Ethyl Alcohol. Other names given to synthetic Ethyl Alcohol are, Ethanol, Methylated Spirits (contains 5 percent Methyl Alcohol and 95 percent Ethyl Alcohol).
Ethyl Alcohol also contain in cosmetic, shampoo, fragrances.. and others
Sometimes i wonder what about shampoo, cosmetics? What about beer companies in Malaysia, i am sure many muslim workers working in beer companies in Malaysia. Are we going to have a serious unemployment rate?
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