The Little Nyonya

The serial covered a very complex family’s relationship with the Peranakan culture as the backdrop. The whole story focused on the life of Huang Juxiang and her descendents. Born to a wealthy Peranakan family, Juxiang’s life was anything but smooth. Turn deaf and mute at the age of 8, she spent most of her youth in the family’s kitchen and served the entire family as a maid. On the eve of her arranged wedding, she ran away from home for she didn’t want fate to control her life (she was about to be married off to well-known cunning man, Charlie Zhang). Falling in love with a young Japanese man, she finally saw a ray of happiness. Unfortunately, that happiness was destined to be a short one. At the height of WWII in Singapore and her husband returned to Japan with no news.
After Juxiang’s death, the entire storyline move toward Yueniang, her daughter with Yousuke. Much like her mother, Yueniang too was subject to the life as a servant at the Huang’s. Her outgoing and brave characters attract the young heir of a wealthy Peranakan family, Chen Xi. Yueniang and Chen Xi’s relationship was the highlight point from episode 10 through the end of story. Traditions and family responsible brought the relationship anything but a smooth journey.
The complex storyline would probably best describe through the characters.
Singaporean drama in Baba Nyonya culture. It’s a very nice drama that i am still watching now. It’s even more exciting than TVB drama.. opps..

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