Snatching laptop inside lift

Motorcyclist snatching beg is common nowadays, but have you heard of snatching your laptop beg as you were about to get out of the lift at your very own condominium?
At around 8.30 am today, as she was getting out of the lift from his condominium Idaman Sutera Condominium,a guy ask her to follow him and demand for money. Her laptop and RM50 was snatched!. She shouted (Api! Api!) or english translation is Fire! Fire! for help. Her laptop was found at a vacant unit at 26th floor of Idaman Sutera Condo. Who could have expected this crime to happen here at Idaman Sutera Condominium where we have security guard right at the ground floor of the entrance.
Previously few house break in had happened, and the management did not take any security measures to ensure the safety of their residents.
All condominium should follow Vistana Condo’s security measures. Vistana Condo’s guard will ask for guest’s Identity Card (IC) and follow on with a phone call to the resident’s of Vistana Condo to verify the guest’s name. By doing this, i believe it will prevent crimes from happening.

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