Restaurant Zhing Kong or Starlight hotel @ Petaling Street

Went to this Popular Book Fair at KLCC Convention yesterday. I had this Lo Mai Kai for my breakfast with Big pau (Tai Pau) and a cup of hot milo. I’ve been to this restaurant a year ago and it’s still my favourite place when i feel like eating Lo Mai Kai.
I swear this is the Best Lo Mai Kai or glutinious rice that i have tasted so far. I have been to different places and tasted their Lo Mai Kai but this Zhing Kong restaurant situated at the corner shop lot near to the Petaling Street and right opposite Pasar Seni LRT train station simply captured my taste bud!. The glutinious rice texture is soft and sticky and wet (stickiness with sauce) with chicken meat and it’s not dry compare with others. Really, this is the best, if you ever come across better than this, you’ve got to let me know!, coz i am a BIG FAN of Lo Mai Kai
Lo Mai Kai
Hot Milo
Zhing Kong Restaurant

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