Organic and what you consume everyday

Organic Vegetables and Fruits
I noticed more and more people are purchasing organic vegetables and fruits. Mostly young adults. Why are they choosing organic over the non-organic ones? This is because our so called fresh fruit and vegies have been sprayed with toxic pesticides and chemicals and our water contains contaminants. And what about all the processed foods that we eat that contains preservatives. Do you know that eating this toxic, pesticides and chemicals will make our body go sick day by day? Your immune is low and therefore you fall sick – fever, flu, cough, sore throat and so on.
Really when you think about it who wants to eat pesticides and chemicals? Lets face it we get enough of those just from breathing so why add to it with contaminated foods.
Fast Food and Trans fat
Fast food is bad for our health, it contains trans fat.  Trans fats are concentrated in margarine, solid vegetable shortening, doughnuts, crackers, cookies, chips, cakes, pies, some breads and foods fried in hydrogenated fat (chicken, fish, potatoes).  Here’s the list of fast food restaurant with trans fat content.
I have always thought that “Subway” is free from this transfat, after reading from the list above. I think i will eat less Subway’s “healthy” bread.
Meadow lea margarine also have 1% trans fat, whereas butter contains 3 – 4% trans fat.
Source Meadowlea
Antibiotics inject to our meat
Antibiotic in Cattles – Chicken, Pigs, Cow
Heres’ the news link
Excessive use of antibiotics by meat producers, 8 times more than in human medicine, contributes to alarming increase in antibiotic resistance
Processed Food, Tin food, Junk Food, Fake Food
Processed food is made from real food that has been put through devitalizing chemical processes and is infused with chemicals and preservatives. Chicken nugget, meat balls,  Beef jerky, canned tea, jam, hot dogs, and low-fat yogurt with sugar or aspartame are a few examples of processed food.
Junk foods contain very little real food. They’re made of devitalized processed food, hydrogenated fats, chemicals, and preservatives, and include anything made with refined white flour. Canned breakfast drinks, cold/sugary cereals, doughnuts, drive-through foods, and soda are examples of junk foods.
Fake foods are made primarily of chemicals, and often contain gums and sugar fillers. Examples include bacon bits, bottled salad dressing, dehydrated soups, and instant coffee.
Note: Someone said to me that MILO actually contains colourings?
Do i need to make my own soya bean for breakfast drink every morning? Gosh!.
Styrofoam container
Okay, i know this is bad for your health when you take away hot food using Styrofoam. Avoid it by putting on a paper container or better if you bring your own stainless steel container.
(Alcoholic drinks dissolves styrofoam cups)
Plastic Mineral Bottle
Plastic bottles are not always safe to reuse over and over as harmful chemicals can leach out into the contents. These plastic bottles which get dinged up through normal wear and tear and while being washed—increases the chance that chemicals will leak out of the tiny cracks and crevices that develop over time.
Since everything is not safe to consume? Even soya sauce, taucu, black sauce not safe? Fish contaminated with mercury contamination in sea from industrial waste? Are we choosing organic over non-organic ones? Eating outside food that contains MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). It’s up to you to choose because


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