Hand Sanitizer Dangers

Nowadays, nearly everyone will purchase this hand sanitizer and put one into their beg,a few bottles on their office desk and one left inside their car to prevent from H1n1 infection.You can find this at KLCC toilets too. I remembered they placed this hand sanitizer at the entrance of an event at the KLCC convention centre here.
Danger of hand sanitizer
Beware of using hand sanitizer in your daily routine as this ingredients will leech into our skin and in the long time cause skin inflammation and allergy to certain people.
Chloroxylenol can cause milk skin irritation or certain individual and you should look out for symptoms such as rash, hives, red dots, mouth, throat, and tongue swelling, feeling tight on chest, difficulty in breathing, burning, blister.
Seek for medical treatment if you develop such symptoms after using hand sanitizer liquid.

Take a look at this video for own knowledge. (DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ACTION). Turn down your speaker because they scream so much when his hand is on fire!

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