Bon Odori 2009 @ 18th July 2009 TOMORROW!

Bon Odori 2009 is here again, same location as previous years. This year i am not going. I have almost forgotten about this festival this year, luckily my friend informed me.
What is Bon Odori?
Bon Odori – Japanese Traditional Dance
There are several traditional dances in Japan, but the one of the most famous and common dance is Bon dance, which is called “Bon Odori” in Japanese. People dance Bon Dance in the Bon Festival. The Bon Festival is held every summer, in every district in every city.
Bon means welcoming ancestors’ souls and holding a memorial service for the souls. There is a Bon week in August every year, and Bon continues for about a week. During Bon, sometimes all relatives of family gather and hold a memorial service for their ancestors, and enjoy being in a reminiscent mood. This traditional comes from Buddhism in China.
The Bon Festival is held during in Bon week, and people gathers at the near open-space or the parks, and dance with traditional Japanese music. The music should be happy music to welcome the ancestor’s souls, and people have a duty to make a happy, mysterious, and welcoming mood. Moreover, the Bon Dance should be held in the night because Japanese people believe that ancestors’ souls come back in the night.
Here’s the location details
Bon Odori Festival 2009( Selangor )
Venue : Panasonic Sports Complex (formerly Matsushita Centre)
Address : Lot 4, Persiaran Perkilangan, Seksyen 21, Shah Alam,Selangor
Date : 18th July 2009 *
Time : 5pm onwards
Tickets : Free Admission
Phone : 03-2274 2274 (Japanese Club of KL)
Free Shuttle Bus from Shah Alam KTM Station to Matsushita Stadium is provided.
Synopsis : The Bon Festival is a Japanese Buddhist custom** which is held annually to honour the deceased spirits of one’s ancestors. It is meant to be a joyful celebration, bringing families together, and celebrating rather than mourning the lives of the dearly departed.
? Strictly no smoking except for designated areas.
? No high-heels allowed in the dancing field.
? Guests are advised to car pool to the stadium due to limited car parks.
? NO COSPLAYING. Respect the Japanese culture and tradition please.
Here’s the map if you need help to find your way to the Masushita Panasonic Sports Centre
Here’s the info about the one in Penang
Bon Odori 2009 ( Penang )
Location: Esplanade, Penang
Date: 18th July 2009
Organizer: The Consulate of Japan
Contact: 04-2263030

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