What type of blogger are you?

Ever wonder what type of blogger are you? When i came across a form where i need to create a new account and below there is a form asking you to describe about yourself. What would be most approriate to describe you and also your blog website? Okay, for me i blog about everything that crosses my mind.Fine, i don’t know how to describe about myself. I googled and found a site that categorize bloggers. The most suitable type of blogger to label me is “Random Blogger”.
What do you think?

  • Authority Blogger– Authority Bloggers blog to build a profile, credibility, loyalty, demonstrate and share expertise.
  • Relationship Blogger – They blog to make contacts and community. eg: Relationship Blog.
  • Pro Blogger– Pro Bloggers blog for direct income, such as Adsense or working for a blog network.
  • Diarist / Journal – Possibly the most famous type of blogger, diarists use blogs as an online diary and just want to share their thoughts and life events.
  • Fan/Hobby – Hobby bloggers write about their fascinations, get a kick out of sharing with like-minded people and they need no more reward.
  • Random – Random bloggers just post cool stuff they find or whatever random thoughts are on their minds at that point. They don’t post for any conscious reason, just because they can.
  • Business / Corporate – You blog for your company, either posting news, for public relations or to generate leads.
  • Citizen Journalist – you are a journalist or not, the citizen tag is not necessary. You scoop the news and write about it.


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