Take control of it or it will take control of YOU – Anger

What is anger?
Humans and animals have anger inside them. It’s a natural emotion and it’s also a negative nature. You can have a mild anger to an extremely intense anger.
What anger can do to you body?

  • Heart rate goes up
  • Blood pressure goes up
  • Breathing gets shallower and harder
  • Muscles tense up
  • Energy hormones (Adrenaline and Noradrenalin) levels go up making you feel more energetic
  • Source of anger?
    Yourself. I don’t agree with anger being triggered off by some person; events or worries in your life. If you yourself doesn’t let it bothers of irritate you then i strongly believe is Yourself that is willing to let some person, events, or worries triggers you.
    Why people feel angry?
    Because they do not have control over the situation. eg: late to work because of traffic jam, late to exams and so on.
    What usually make people angry?
    * Being hit
    * Being cheated
    * Being called unpleasant names
    * Being neglected / ignored
    * Unable to be in control
    * Being in stressful and demanding situations
    What anger can do to you and to your love ones?
    Anger can cause you to feel impulsive and react aggressively or violently. You may end up hurting others as well as yourself.
    Think of the days when you have great time with the other person. You love that person and i am sure you don’t want to hurt them do you? You must always remember this. When you hurt yourself, you will hurt those who love you too.
    In conclusion, Do not hurt yourself, and do not hurt other people, they have their rights to live in this world too. Relaxs, calm down and talk to someone, if they cannot help you, they will help you to reduce your anger which will lead to violence and you will hurt those who love you all this while.
    Take note: Talking to anybody will help control your anger…. talk and stay calm and use your brain to think how to solve problem instead of hurting people/ taking revenge to those who love you. Everything can be solved if you’re are still breathing the oxygen in this earth.
    Meditation and yoga will be able to train you to calm down your whole body.
    “Eat healthy, stay healthy and you will act wisely”
    (Rosamund’s words of wisdom)

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