Maxis Remote Surveillance

We’ve all seen closed circuit television camera (CCTV) systems in public places such as shopping centres and in the street. But they’re also becoming quite popular among homeowners as a crime prevention tool. There are so many crimes news of house break in house, apartments and condominiums. There are even “Day Light robberies” happening.
Check out the video below. A brazen gang of robbers on motorbike barged into a victim’s residential and robbed him in broad daylight; in full view of the busy traffic outside the house.

It all depends on your choice. There is 3 types of DVR available.
1. DVR based on PC card. The cheapest among all. Relied on your PC for DVR management. Lack of multitasking, PC usage being limited. Only for really low budget users.
2. DVR based on hardware aka stand alone. No pc required, able to triplex or pentaplex aka multitasking. You can view live, replay, search, record and the same time without interfering it. Can be networked to view in LAN or WLAN or even remote view via famous and free of charge
3. DVR based on PC with network capability. Consider expensive than the first option. Camera works on IP addressing via CAT5 cable. Your camera is no longer works on RG59 cable which have limited resolution. This camera starts with 1mp to 5mp. Expensive and very data demanding.
Option 2 which is more stable and reliable.
Maxis MRS is so far the best. RM 20 per month unlimited view from your phone.
Which brand?
Avtech from taiwan is a very popular brand. Cpcam also the rebranding of avtech. It have 4 or 8 or 9 or 16 channel. 4 channel have triplex while 8 channel onwards have pentaplex. Option to run quad which is 25 frames per cam at 352×288 or frame quality which is double the resolution but each cam divides the available resolution of 25 frames cause running on PAL. another brand is sensorlink from korea which is more advance can manage frames split management for each cam. But very expensive dvr to play with.
For budget is avtech while for better picture quality i go with maxis MRS. Within rm 3k can get avtech 4 channel dvr, wd 640gb sata, 4x sony had day and night 540 tv lines. Installation and cabling another rm 600. Btw is for demo if you’re using maxis line. Type get mrs to 26000. Login is username using your number 6012xxxxx and password is maxis
How to subscribe to Maxis Remote Surveillance.

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