Just Love II

I haven’t watch yet, planning to watch this weekend or maybe next week. So many i haven’t watch yet. I  watch the middle part where the husband scolded his wife because all this while he’s very softspoken type

Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Patrick Tang, Selena Li

Episodes: 25
Release Date: May 4, 2009
Synopsis (Credit: AOD)
Shrewish husband V.S. Shrewd wife
A bond between justice and affection

Career-minded magistrate KO HEI MAN (Hsuan Jessica Hester) gains full support from her loyal husband KOT KWOK KWONG (Chan Kam Hung, Sunny) so that she is able to concentrate fully on her works. At court, MAN strongly believes that everyone is equal before the law and she tackles every challenge confidently. At home, she never bothers about the household duties which are all taken by husband and any complaints filed by mother-in-law. MAN just takes things for granted but fate continuously to convince her that law cannot be applied to every situation.

KWONG is seriously injured during a car accident and watch this drama series to find out all about it.

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