FRIM no ticket cannot cross canopy bridge

Went up there today for The star – Go Green Day 2009, tired, sweating and short of breath and to find out that we are not allow to pass just because we don’t have ticket. We walk for 30-40 mins up to the canopy house and to find out that we are not allow to cross the canopy bridge. They said we have to go down the slope another 30 mins down path to buy the ticket if we want to cross the canopy bridge. We phoned the manager in charge and she said no one allow to cross the bridge without tickets, 2 foreigners also not allow to pass at first cos they don’t have tickets. Lastly, they are allow to pass eventhough they don’t have ticket. We are not allow to cross the bridge no matter how we ask??!  We woke up early, took Kl sentral lrt then interchange to KTM Kepong then take taxi to FRIM, walk up there sweaty and tired and we are not allow to cross the bridge???!!..
There are many people waiting there without tickets!.. Why FRIM doesn’t sell their ticket up there and expect people to hike down again 30 mins just to buy the ticket from ticket counter. This is so ridicilous!
And they only sell 100 tickets daily. Ask them why> They do not know why?


A guy me and my husband saw there also blog about this in his website. Check it out here

A guy say ya ya okay okay only to find out that he doesn’t have ticket to cross the canopy walkway?

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