Firefox CRASH when i want to upload image to WordPress [Solution]

It has been a few weeks my firefox crashes when i try to upload an image into my wordpress blog. At first, I just ignored it and restart the whole tabs again and again. I thought maybe it has something to do with my firefox browser. So i switched to IE. I don’t really like IE. Therefore, I deleted my firefox and installed the latest version. However, it happened again. Ok well, just leave it and see how. This morning, it happen again!. I googled and somebody said it’s got something to do with java, so i downloaded the latest java. Again, it crashes..
I google again, i found out that i need to disable Gears addon in my mozilla firefox. You can find that from the Menu Bar. Click on Tools and you will see Addons in the dropdown menu. Select Addons and see if you have Gears installed. If so, disable or remove it. So far, my firefox haven’t crash yet.. I guess it works so far so good.

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