Apple iPhone at US$99

Apple had slashed the 8-gigabyte iPhone 3G, which came out last year, now costs $99 (RM350), instead of $199.
Anyhow as for Malaysians the price is a bit too expensive. This is because Apple ties up with service providers to give discounted iphones but with contract with service providers. And the price of an iphone *without* any contracts is very expensive. Even though iPhone is selling at USD99 but u still need to subscribe to a service provider and tied with them for 1 year or 2. And funny that the new iphone still use a 3.2 MP camera!?.Plus,with is LOCK to AT&T network only. This means you can take out the simcard. but you cannot use simcard for other telco provider, thats why you need to inlock the iphones in malaysia, and unlocking means no more warranty.
if you want one, get one from maxis then..Down side is Maxis is overpriced! That’s why some buyer dont buy in malaysia…. they buy somewhere else. If you buy in Singapore, but bring back to Malaysia then change SIM card still, you can still use because singapore selling unlock iphones, but the bad news is the warranty you have to send to singapore. “SingTel, S$608 for 8GB which is RM1200+ (price with contract)”. Usually the phone without contract is around rm2k++, more than that… its considered expensive.
Iphone Rates
Getting the Iphone in Malaysia Link
Hotlink Iphone 3G – Promotion Period: Sun, 24 May 2009 – Tue, 30 Jun 2009
iWorld sells the 16GB edition for RM3,099, and the 8GB one for RM2,899. Its all unlocked
Maxis iPhone 3gs for Malaysia

Doesn’t need to use Turbosim

iPhone3GS Confirmed Coming To Maxis This Month

Iphone features

Product : Brand New Original iPhone 3GS
Color : Your choice of Black or White
Capacity : 32GB
Status : 100% Factory Unlocked
iWorld Published Rate : RM2,999
iWorld June Promo : Take RM100 off!
Your Price : RM2999 Now RM2,899 nett

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