XP auto restart when i shut down

3rd Attempt (Success!!)
Problem recognized: Wake on LAN
Right click “My Computer”
Select “Properties”
Go to “Hardware Device”
Click “Device Manager”
Select “Network Adapters”
Select “Marvell Yukon …..PCI-Fast Ethernet Controller–> right click —properties—>power management–>deselect “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”—>Go to “Advanced” tab—>put value off for “Wake from shut down” —>value none for “Wake up capabilities”
press OK
If this doesn’t work then check your BIOS
Restart —> press F2—> go to “Main” tab —>Network boot [Disable] — Save
2nd attempt: Failed
I have this problem lately, my laptop (XP) automatically restart when i try to shut down. No choice but to press the power off to shut down my laptop.
Finally, after surfing through the internet, i found the solution! At last… phew
Rename this file to another name
Result: failed
1st attempt:Failed
Right click “My Computer”
Select “Properties”
go to “Advanced” tab
go to Startup and Recovery setting
clear or deselect “automatically restart” option
Result: failed

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