Researcher in Head hunting/Recruitment industry

Research skill in head hunting

Researcher in head hunting MUST possess these qualities:-

Creative in creating stories for white lies

Think out-of-the-box

Quick in responding

Creative in keywords

Detailed person

Speed in typing and accurate

Good in Excel

Other skills

Advanced use of

Online recruitment

Online job board


Online community network eg: facebook, friendster, linkedin and so on


Creative in creating stories for white lies:-

A researcher need to create white lies in order to get names/mobile/email of a candidates in head hunting. First you have to get through the “Gatekeeper” this could be receptionist/PA/Secretary

White lies you can use are saying you’re calling from Associations/Dept. Research on the given position for which industry and target locations.

There are many more ….. a researcher have to research and think which lies he/she has to use in order to get their names.

Sometimes jobstreet/monster’s jobseeker open their CV, you can open this CV and call them directly. But if yo’re hunting for good ones. You cannot solely depend on jobseekers who open their CV, you need to hunt them down actively.

Think out-of-the-box

Other than using excel to compile your list of gathering names. You can even use Zoho creator, which is a free database where you can store all names and locate easily in a search form.

You have to like experimenting/ IT skill because you need to create your own web application although in zoho creator is just plain drag and drop function. You can also install CV uploader. Advanced user may know how to create a sharing among his/her team of researchers.

Thinking out of the box means a researcher have to think ways to do research and locate candidates easily and efficiently.

This also could mean going into facebook/online community network to search for potential candidates.

Quick in responding

Researcher need to know how to answer/ respond quickly if they are being question by receptionist/managers/PA/Secretary which are the gatekeepers. These gatekeeper will sense that yo’re lying and wouldn’t give you the names if you can’t answer their question eg: Where is your office/What is your office’s tel/ I think I know your CEO and so on.

Before a researcher call for name gathering, he/she needs to research on the names/address/tel/background and so on for an association.

Creative in keywords

When you do a search using keywords whether in google/search engine/jobstreet/monster, you need to be creative. Eg when you’re head hunting for Human Resource manager, you can use keyword in jobstreet skills forms eg: Compensation/Training/Benefit/Recruitment.

If you’re searching for IT positions, its keyword could be “SAP”, Javascript, Agile, PHP

You can use “ “ double quotes to find a specific keyword with a + plus sign means you’re search A + B keywords together.

Detailed person

Being detail person, means researcher have to look at the job description given, and hunt according to the “keyword”. You have to know:

1) Keywords

2) Industry

3) Location based

4) Max salary

5) Race

6) Gender

Underline keywords in job description given, and do a search in jobstreet first. If can’t find any suitable candidates from keywords.

Then compile list in excel by name gathering one by one. Before you call, target companies eg: industry, location based as you need to do a research on target industries in particular location. Then move on to similar industries and further location and so on.

Until you find “that suitable person”….

If u have call 500 from your list and couldn’t find that “suitable person”. You need to sit down and brain storm where to locate and maybe the position yo’re looking for is called another name instead.

Speed in typing and accurate

This is important if you’re doing profiling. A profiling is a template with head hunting company name, recruiter’s comment and salary package send to client/company.

Basically this is copy and paste. Still you need to type fast and copy paste fast.

Sometimes candidates CV are received in the form of pdf/latest version of office .docx

You will need to find ways as in install plugin to open this cv so that you can copy and paste. As for PDF version you will need to find freeware to open this document if cannot means you will need to copy and paste and it takes longer time.

Good in Excel

You need to familiar with excel because most of the time you’re be using excel to compile your list of names.

Although you won’t be using excel to create formulas. You will sometimes need to attach document/ CVs into your excel.

Create a password protected sheet/worksheet.

Sharing options among you’re team members’ access.

P/s: If you think i am an excellent researcher or you would like to recruit me for recruitment/head hunting. Please DO NOT CALL ME – because i don’t want to involve in research in head hunting/ recruitment line. Thanks.

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