Drink or not to drink when eating?

We shouldn’t drink when we are about to consume food, as we need this acidic level to digest our food.
When eating, chew slowly so that the food will digest properly or you will suffer from indigestion later on.
Carefully choose food that we can digest better eg: (2 portion) of Vegetables, (1 portion) of meat, (1 portion of small) fish, rice
Avoid prawns because of their high cholestrol level.
Chickens have antibiotic so consume less
After eating, we need to wait at least 30 mins only then we can drink water.
After eating, we need to walk around, coz sitting will make cause big tummy and after eating, avoid taking bath too.
Must avoid cold water. Cold water/cold food will make our stomach go hay wire. Inside our body is body temperature if we consume cold water/food, it will spoil the temperature inside.

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