PitchYourTalent.com – Job seeker have to pay??

A few weeks ago when i put my quakerecruitment.com campaign to Google Adwords, i’ve notice PitchYourTalent.com, never though that it belongs to Jobstreet.com, until my husband told me yesterday night. So i went inside register myself and try it out.
“PitchYourTalent.com is a service sponsored and currently owned by JobStreet.com.”
Their impressions in google ads is very good. Show all the time.
Personally,i found that there is characters limitations. Oh well, i have to shorten my description’s in my cv to put into their website.
But think about that, izit a good idea for job seeker? Job seeker have to pay to use PitchYourTalent after 1-May 2009

“How much do I have to pay to use PitchYourTalent?

You can sign up and create your Talent Profile for free. To list your Talent Profile on PitchYourTalent.com and make it searchable to the world – we charge a subscription fee. You may refer to the fee and options for subscription here, but note that subscription is currently FREE until 1-May-2009.”
Source: FAQ
All this while, jobstreet.com have been charging employers for their job posting & resume search. i think is pay back time for us the job seeker. I cannot imagine in this economy recession, job seeker is being charge to use their service.. unemployed and being charged?? Make any sense to you?

2 thoughts on “PitchYourTalent.com – Job seeker have to pay??

  1. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. Really appreciate it.

    What we mean is that if you sign up by 1st May 2009, you get a 12-month free. We should reword it to make it clearer. Sorry about the confusion.

    We made it clear in the email sent via JobStreet.com, that it is a 12-month free, if sign up by 1st May 2009.

    For PitchYourTalent.com , in the future job seekers pay a nominal sum to pitch their talents, and employers search and contact you for free.

    For JobStreet.com, employers pay to advertise, and job seekers apply for free.

    On the limitation of character, we are hoping to provide a quick glance for employers (not just HR, but also hiring managers), and those number of characters should be enough for you to impress them and get them to contact you.

    Let us know any feedback you have. As you fill up your profile, there is a “Feedback to us” button there. Do let us know.

    Thanks for your feedback and support! It’s a new service, so we are still trying to learn from users like you and improve!

    You can feedback to us via our Facebook Pages too – http://www.facebook.com/pages/PitchYourTalentcom/63904056983


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