Travel to Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia

I travel using public transportation (train)
In KL we have different types of trains:
KL Monorail
-STAR Line
Putra Line
KTM Komuter

Sometimes i take the bus, but seldom as have to wait. If you’re in a pack public transport beware of theft or if you’re walking on the street beware of motorist snatching beg.

This is the bus route. I rather take the Putra Line as it’s more convenient for me to reach my destination.

This is the Putra Line train..
Usually, i will take this train to KLCC. In KLCC, is a place where Petronas Twins tower is situated. Designer clothes, shoes and begs. Isetan is also inside this shopping mall.
You can even go up to the Twins tower to see the view.
Here’s the website for KLCC

What you can do at KLCC:-

  • Shopping
  • Eating
  • klcc garden
  • visit aquaria
  • Visit Twins tower

(How to go to the twins tower) – go to concourse level of klcc, stand in the middle of klcc shopping mall, you will see a escalator, go up the escalator you see banks on your left and right. Turn left go down the escalator. You will see the booth ticket where you need to purchase in order to go up to twins tower.
Other shopping complexes is nearby here around KLCC.

1) Pavilion (newly open, huge, expensive, luxury). It’s situated just behind KLCC. Very near.
How to go to Pavilion from klcc.
step 1 – go to Concourse level of klcc
step 2 – stand right in the middle of klcc. you will see a customer service reception. Walk towards the customer service reception, you will see kfc on ur left, maybank and guardian pharmacy on your right.
step 3 – walk to the tunnel in between maybank and guardian pharmacy.

step 4 – you will see car park. walk inside the carpark.
step 5 – you will see a entrance door, walk past this entrance door, you will see basin on your left and ATM machine and toilet on your right.

step 6 – walk straight ahead, you will see Aquaria where all fishes are kept inside the aquarium. Personally i haven’t visit inside yet. Have to purchase tickets.
step 7 – walk straight you will see Starbuck i think its’ starbuck and not dome .. anyways it’s selling coffee on your right. Go up the escalator. Cross the street..look right and left before crossing.
step 8 – Infront is Wisma UOA (corporate office). walk beside this building which is on your left.. along the way u will see some cafe.. walk straight ahead and turn left u will see hotel novotel.
step 9 – Once you see hotel novotel, i am sure you can spot the escalator. go up the escalator will bring u up to pavilion.
From pavilion is near to Bukit bintang .
1) Shopping complexes here are: Starhill, Lot10, Sg Wang, Lowyat Plaza
2) Starhill – Shopping for begs, shoes, clothes; I love jogoya (japanese buffet, so nice food and environment).
3) Lot 10 – Shopping for begs, shoes, clothes – luxury and expensive
4) Sg Wang – Cheap clothes, and shoes. So many shops. Can buy Cheong sam or batik shirts from here.

(Opposite starhill is pavilion shopping)
Lowyat Plaza – Mention about lowyat plaza is where we malaysian will go to if we wanna purchase gadgets/ computers / laptop.
Berjaya times square – shopping mall, and “borders”book shop.. (Berjaya times square is right behind Lowyat plaza, you will see a monorail train here)
(if ur lazy to walk back to klcc to go to petaling street, you can take monorail here to kl sentral and kl sentral putraline to pasar seni / central market to go to Petaling street.)

Another kl attraction is “Petaling Street” its’ KL china town.
since i am now at lowyat plaza. i can walk back to klcc shopping m
all and take Putra Line and stop at Pasar seni / Central Market (in english).
well, i am too lazy to walk all the way back to klcc.. So I can take monorail from Lowyat plaza and purchase a ticket to KL sentral. When i stop in KL sentral. I cross the road walk towards KL Sentral Station. From Kl Sentral station, i board the Putra Line to Pasar Seni / Central Market.
I stop at Pasar seni putra line and get down and walk to the right into Petaling street..
Famous for its food and fake watches, begs, clothes.
during the day not many people and stalls, usually they visit petaling street if they wanna buy during evening 6.30 pm onwards..
i like to buy Longan drink (Air Mata Kucing) coz it’s so hot after walking and taking the public transport train. This stall is situated right in the middle of petaling street.

Around 5.30pm must find seat at this famous grill fish which is located right by the Hong Leong Bank in Petaling Street nearby the famous Air Mata Kucing stall.
Extremely spicy!!
My order usually are grill sotong (squid), grill lala, grill pari (stingray). Because it’s too spicy i need to order drink. Also i will order rice.
So if want to go to:-
klcc – take putraline stop at klcc station
Lowyat plaza, berjaya times square,lot10, pavilion, sg wang – walk from klcc shopping mall
KL sentral – take putraline stop at KL sentral
KLIA (KL International Airport) – take ERL from KL sentral (usually will take the express coz it is non-stop)
Petaling street – take putraline stop at “pasar seni station”
Midvalley megamall (shopping mall) – take putraline stop at Bangsar station (there i either wait for the free feeder bus which is provided by midvalley shopping mall (biggest shopping mall) or usually i am too lazy to wait, i just take a taxi its’ less than 4 mins to midvalley megamall
(here at Midvalley, i will eat asam laksa and also nasi lemak inside Jaya Jusco) yummy.. many people during lunch time and dinner time.

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  1. Interesting article you have here. Just to add, at KLCC, you can also take the Petronas Twin Tower Skybridge. Previously it was FREE, now you have to pay for RM10. For RM200 to RM300, you can now enjoy Lunch and Dinner in Skybridge Petroleum Club restaurant, and also will be able to view KL from level 86 observation deck.

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